presumptive test for detection and identification of steroids.

The steroids test kit is very simple to use, it does not require any special skills. You simply drop your sample into the test tube and watch the color change under day light. Then you take the 365 nm UV light point at the test vial and watch the fluorescence. Different steroids will produce different colors (fluorescence) under the 365 nm UV light. This is how you know which one you have. You drop a little of your sample, grinded pill, powder or oil.

The test kit contains vials A and B; those vials are for testing various steroids in liquid, pill or pure powder form. Vials A and B will produce different colors to different steroids. There are also specialized vials for detecting anavar, winstrol, clenbuterol, anadrol, vials A and B will not detect those substances.

See list which vials to use and what steroids can be tested

It is simple pass or fail test. Take a look at the training video below and the list at the bottom of the page of each test. It shows how to check if your sample contains testosterone propionate. For this test you need vial A and B, vial A and B is one test. Why two because some steroids might produce the same color in vial B but different in vial A. This way you can distinguish which one you have. You only need less than a little of liquid or powder (grinded tablet) to drop into the vial. Notice that there is only a little of test reagent you drop less of your sample than the amount of test reagent. It would be anything from one to a few drops of liquid or tiny piece of grinded tablet. You drop your sample into both vials and watch the color change in vial A and B. Then you take 365 nm UV light and point at vial B, it will produce fluorescence, if it is testosterone propionate it will be blue – greenish. If you do not get any fluorescence it means that the sample does not contain any hormone. If you get fluorescence but not the right color match it will mean that your sample is another steroid or it is mix of more than one steroid or simply some contaminations making it unsafe to use, it is fake.

For testing anavar and winstrol there is regular test (the one with yellow test reagent), which does not require UV light. This test is weight sensitive and not suitable for bigger pills and raw powder unless you have precise scale. Anavar, winstrol UV test is more advanced and reliable and there is also anavar purity test. See the links below how to use each test.

Follow the links below, they expalin how to test:

Substances steroids full list and table with color codes