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The sale of anabolic steroids through the internet has become big business. Nowadays, you can easily order steroids online from your computer, it's easy, fast and it can usually be done anonymously.

But, unfortunately, there are a lot of websites which will send you fake products, fake steroids or they will not send you anything at all. It’s very important to avoid such websites, and to always test the product you have received for your own health and safety.

Here at Lab Cert you will find test kits for detecting presence of various steroids. The test kits will produce distinct colours indicating presence of specific hormones. Please take your time to learn how to test and you will find that it is very reliable and accurate; it is very well documented with a lot of examples on our website. Please note that the test light to be used must be a precise 365nm UV light not just any torch. We stock on our website a model that is confirmed tried and tested for correct analysis.