advanced anavar/winstrol UV test



This is anavar / winstrol UV test, it means that you need 365 nm UV light. Compared to our regular test it is not critical to drop exact amount of powder or grinded pill to interpret the results, regular test requires precise 1 mg to properly read the results. There is a little test reagent and you drop only less than the amount of test reagent. You always grind your pill (sample) into powder. You can test liquid form and raw powder. Also larger pills can be also easily tested you cut a little with razor blade and drop inside. Just make sure you do not drop too much, the filler, usually corn starch will suck the entire test reagent and it might be hard to spot the fluorescence. Also if protein powder is used as filler or vitamins added those ingredients unlike with regular test it will not interfere with test results.

See instruction for more details.

But if you do not have UV light you can try our regular anavar / winstrol test. If you are testing small 10 mg pills, the regular test is good to perform the test. Or you can use both tests each one confirming another while the UV test is superior and more reliable.

Additional information

anavar option test:

only advanced UV test, 1 advanced UV test + 1 regular test


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