regular anavar/win presence test vial



This is only one single vial for detecting anavar or winstrol. You are only getting one single vial, nothing else comes with it. This is special test designed only for anavar and winstrol.

Instructions below for regular test , or click on link for pictures and video.

You add only about 1 mg of powder. If it is 10 mg tablet then 1/8 is enough, about 1 mg and watch the color change. The color has to be observed after 15 minutes, later the colors will fade out, get darker making it impossible to interpret. The test was calibrated to detect small amounts, adding more will affect test results. The timing and the amount of powder is important.

Winstrol – olive green
Anavar – yellow green

Or let’s put it this way if you are having problems with color if there is very little change then it is anavar, if the vial gets darker almost light brown then it is winstrol.

If you are testing larger pills, raw material or your pill might contains filler which interfere with the regular test you can use our advanced anavar/winstrol UV test. The regular test is perfect for small 10 mg pills and it does not require UV light. A lot of people are confused with the color difference between anavar and winstrol with the regular test. The UV test eliminates it, for anavar it is green fluorescence and for winstrol it is blue fluorescence so it should be very easy to interpret the test results.




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