Test Kit Refill

You can customize your refill kit and choose only the vials you need. You can choose one from the following test options:


  • 15 A+B, 5 anavar/winstrol, 5 anadrol/dianabol
  • 15 A+B, 5 anavar/winstrol
  • 15 A+B, 5 anadrol/dianabol
  • 15 A+B, 10 anavar/winstrol
  • 15 A+B, 10 anadrol/dianabol
  • 20 A+B

list what can be tested

instruction how to use the test kit

You can also add vials for testing clenbuterol and ephedrine. You can test dianabol with A+B vials or use special dedicated vial for testing only anadrol/dianabol. But vials A+B will not detect anadrol.

Vials A and B are for detecting wide range of steroids, they will not detect anavar, winstrol, clenbuterol, ephedrine and anadrol. Anavar, winstrol, clenbuterol, ephedrine and anadrol have their own special test vials.

This is only refill kit it contains extra test vials, without the carrying case and there is no UV light. You need source of UV light (365 nm wavelength). Steroids test kit can identify over 50 different substances. This is not a test to identify steroids in urine; it can detect and identify the actual substance in liquids (oils) and in tablet form.

The steroids test kit is cheap and very reliable alternative to expensive laboratory testing. It is simple colorimetric test; you add your sample to the test tube and observe color change. Right colors will indicate that you have good quality product. It will not give you concentration of the substance but it will detect its presence only. The testing is very easy, you only drop tiny amount of liquid or powder to the test tube and watch the color change. Then you compare the results with chart or just with videos and pictures. You can test steroids in liquids, powder, pills and even in supplements and food. This test does not detect metabolites in urine, it tests the actual substance.